Privacy Policy v1.0 (24.08.2020)

Thank you for reading the privacy policy of the app named "http Radio".
1) This app only stores locally in the smartphone the data generated by the user (list of radio stations). These are never transmitted to any server.
2) This app has a "discover" section from where users can browse and search predefined stations. This little database (json file) is downloaded when the app is launched. No personal information is collected.
3) This app is downloading images (e.g logo of a station), buffering audio from the live radio station stream and downloading artworks from "Apple iTunes" to be displayed. These external services are not under our control. The user is asked to read their privacy policies! You can see the URLs from the edit page of a radio station (click edit then tap on the station row to display the properties and URLs)
5) How to contact the developers? See the main page for contact informations.